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Welcome to Replex Swim Lessons!

Swim lessons at Replex have been designed to be a more progressive program that focuses on improving a participant’s skills and abilities at their own pace. Our swim lesson program uses peer-grouping by properly placing participants in their correct level by first grouping them by age and then by skill level. Studies have shown in order for a child to progress properly & naturally, it is important each of them are registered by using their age and actual skill level and not by the convenience of a particular class. 




Which Level Does My Child Fit Best?


Review the skills listed for each level.  If a child can complete the skills shown in a particular level, review the skills in the next level.  Parents should register their child for the first level displaying skills that a child cannot complete.

Evaluation guides shown below are in PDF form and can be viewed/downloaded by clicking the pictures.

If you are still uncertain of your child’s skills and abilities after viewing the evaluation guides, we can help you! You may have your child evaluated by our aquatics staff at no extra charge. In order to have your child evaluated, please make an appointment with Doug Miller, Replex Associate Executive Director via email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..